Back In The Win Column: Organizational & Team Performance Episode #5

Strategies Cirque du Soleil uses to reduce injury, burnout and stress within their grueling performance schedule. This week on Krush Performance, we dive back into our 2022 theme of organizational and team performance as we chat with the Director of Human Performance Services for Cirque de Soleil, André Lachance.

In what might be one of the most demanding performance schedules, André has been charged with developing systems and strategies to reduce the risk and incidence of injury, help avoid and cope with burnout and stress, and keep all of the Cirque performers at their very best. With over 400 performances a year this may be one of the most demanding performance environments…EVER.

Also, we will discuss André’s new book titled, “Team Chemistry: 30 Elements For Coaches To Foster Cohesion, Strengthen Communication Skills & Create A Healthy Sport Culture.”

Finally, it’s Spring! We have Major League Baseball, the NHL season is winding down, and the NBA Postseason is underway. No better time to talk about organizational and team performance and break down the strategies that will get you into and keep you in the win column.

Krush Performance - Featuring Jeff Krushell

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