The Executive Suite: Chemistry, Culture & Leadership – Organizational & Team Performance Episode #6

We use words like chemistry and culture but who is really steering the ship?
Who is empowering the team, the organization, and the people within it to get the job done? At the end of the day, the responsibility of team and organizational success falls squarely on team leadership but what exactly does that leadership look like?

This week, we step into the executive suites of elite sport performance as I talk with former Major League Baseball General Manager of the Montreal Expos, Boston Red Sox, and Baltimore Orioles and three-time MLB Executive of the Year, Dan Duquette.

It seems that if we can’t measure or put a value on something we tend to underestimate its importance. We like to measure value and we like to have numbers and assess progress.
Can we measure team chemistry? Can we measure the influence of team culture? Can you put a number on how much it impacts performance outcomes?

You may be surprised as we continue our look into the Krush 2022 theme of organizational and team performance.

Krush Performance - Featuring Jeff Krushell

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