Baseball Is Back! Are You Ready?

From the shortened spring training to possible rule changes there is a lot to unpack as the MLB season kicks off. We take a Krush look at the teams, players, and storylines we will be watching this season.

While the LA Dodgers top the list with a $277.8 million payroll, the Baltimore Orioles are waaaaaay down at the bottom with a payroll of just over $30 million, we’ll discuss the impact of the unbalanced payroll situation baseball finds itself in. Also, why are some teams at a disadvantage even before the first pitch is thrown? There is an opportunity here for those who know what it is and understand how to handle it.

Finally, I’ll make my picks for the division titles, our long-shot hopefuls, and who will be the 2022 World Series Champions. Baseball ball is back and we set you up for the season this week on Krush Performance.

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Krush Performance - Featuring Jeff Krushell

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