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In the world of sport, talent is one of the most intriguing
mysteries of performance.

How does one player become a star when so many do not? Is it just good luck?
Good Genes? Passion and Purpose? Commitment & Drive?
How exactly does a player achieve greatness?

If you have questions, we have answers.
From the grassroots all the way to the professionals,
we talk performance priorities and athlete/player development.
We are all about Creating Coachable Players.

Play Ball! Solving Injuries in Baseball Ep-24-09

Play Ball! The baseball season is upon us and as games kick off there is one thing that I can guarantee, Sport Medicine clinics coast to coast will be flooded…

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If you are a Coach in the game of Baseball this course is designed to help you – help your players.

Image what you could do with a team of players that were more adaptable, more robust and more durable athletes.

What if you could improve player performance, raise the ceiling of potential and reduce the risk of injury.

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The Brain Game

A 100 billion neurons in our brain.
Forming our memories, development and making performance possible.

Performance Priorities

Learn, Adapt & Compete at the highest level.


It’s fascinating to think –
have we reached the peak of human performance in sports.
Despite the incredible advancements happening in the world of sport,
have we maxed out human potential?

I’m certain there is still so much more untapped potential waiting to be discovered.

I have dedicated my career to this topic. Working in the field at every level of sport where I have meticulously deconstructed and analyzed it, only to piece it back together again.
I have consistently found two key elements that play a significant role:
long-term development and understanding how to prepare our athletes to be effectively coached.

Krusher is "world class" in every area of performance, strength & conditioning as well as overall athletic development.  Jeff has shaped, guided and led our athletic development program both on and off the field for 16 years. His expertise has directly impacted 100's of our student-athletes careers. Not only has Jeff made this impact within our program but has made this impact throughout the world with Major League Baseball. Thanks for all you do for this great game Krusher.  "Once a Jet....Always a Jet!"
– Les McTavish, Head Coach & Director of Baseball Operations - Vauxhall Academy of Baseball
Jeff Krushell is a leader and innovator in sports training and psychology. I've had the privilege of working with him for many years and have seen the tremendous positive impact that his insights, sound scientific approach, and understanding of sport development have had on athletes. His experience and perspective elevate the mind, body, and soul of an athlete.
– Dr. Martin Mrazik, Professor and Clinical Neuropsychologist - University of Alberta
My experience with Jeff covers many years of clinics, workshops and academies in International baseball. Jeff is passionate, professional and knowledgeable- with the skills and ability to transfer his knowledge to a wide variety of people of all ages. This transformational style enhances successful outcomes for his clients .
He is a joy to work with!!
– Pat Doyle, Former Coordinator of MLB’s International coaching programs - Europe & Africa. Elected to the ABCA HOF in 2019


If we were to look at the very best developmental programs and the most successful cultures, we would find that decision making and problem solving are
integral parts of how they operate.

I’ve seen firsthand the process of development unfold, allowing the unsuspected rise to the top against the odds and the naturally gifted go on
to dominate and recalibrate top-end performance.
By focusing on improving athlete adaptability, robustness, and durability, we can help athletes reach new heights along with reducing the risk of injury.

It’s been said that anyone willing to put in enough time can become Good, even Great at any given endeavour.

Eating for Performance

Nutrition is one of the keys to maximize sport performance, support your recovery and help reduce your risk of injury.

Start making a change today.