Why Do Kids Play Sport?

To have fun is the hands down, number one reason kids get out there to participate in sports.

Why then are we seeing a 70% drop out rate in organized youth sports in those early teen years? It’s an important question that needs to be answered. In this episode, we are talking Kids in Sport.

I talk with George Washington University’s Dr. Amanda Visek about their breakthrough Fun Maps, a system of identifying why kids play, so we can understand how to better create programs & environments that will help keep kids in sport. You can also follow Dr. Visek’s on Twitter!

Then, later in the show, I have an e-mail from a Krush Performance listener who just had an incident with a coach & now his son is no longer playing Hockey! Listen, coaches should be keeping kids involved not causing them to drop out! It may be one of the biggest crimes!! I wanted to know more. Could it be the kid? Could it be the parents or is it really the coach?? I touched base with the parent and it is a story I wanted to share and it is also the inspiration behind this episode of Krush Performance.

If you get a chance, share the Krush Performance Podcast with your fellow coaches, teammates, and family members.
Thanks for listening and LONG LIVE SPORT!

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