Understanding Talent With Dr. Joe Baker

Our understanding of talent is still in its infancy.
Heck, we can’t even agree on a working definition of talent. Talent, talent development, and talent ID make up one of our main themes for 2021 and today, we kick it off with Krush Favorite, Dr. Joe Baker, Sport Science Researcher from York University.

When we consider Talent, there are so many components involved that it can seem overwhelming.

Here are 8 well-defined components of talent:
• The influence of genetics
• The influence of the environment
• Coaching & Teaching Techniques
• Constraints Led Approach
• Dynamic System Theory
• Implicit & Explicit Learning
• Specialization
• Sampling
The list goes on and on and on.

We are taking 2021 to dissect talent, to take it apart, lay it all out, put it back together, and make some sense of it so we can move forward with purpose, understanding, and direction.

No matter if you are in grassroots development or performing at the top of the world stage, we simply ask:
“How do we make you better?”

Get set everyone. It is going to be a fantastic year here at Krush Performance and we kick it off our look into the world of talent right now.

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