Treated Like the Pros – Locker Room Sport Medicine

Injury in sport happens. How do you get back better and faster than ever?

For athletes, there is no better approach than the “Locker Room” approach when it comes to sport injury.
In any professional training room, you will find an interdisciplinary team of experts working together with the athlete to determine the best treatment and return to play strategies possible.

This week, it’s a Krush Performance Round table with the experts from Health Pointe Pain, Spine, and Sport Medicine and Advantage Sport Medicine and Physiotherapy.
Dr. Dhiren Naidu, the Head Team Physician for the NHL Edmonton Oilers, The CFL Edmonton Football Team & Founding member at Health Pointe. Michael Cook, Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach at Advantage Sport Medicine and Physiotherapy and Canada’s Men’s National Volleyball Team. Tahisha Naidu, Physiotherapist at Advantage Sport Med. And Physiotherapy and Head Therapist with the Saskatchewan Rush of the NLL and also
TD Foress, Head Athletic Therapist with the Edmonton Oilers.

As we transition into spring sport and slowly turn the page on the COVID shutdown, get back to sport safely and at the top of your game.
What do you need to know about reducing you risk of injury and what do you need to know when an injury happens?

We cover it all on this week’s special Round table edition of Krush Performance.

Krush Performance - Featuring Jeff Krushell

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