The Return Of Sport & Those Who Don’t Get To Play

On this week’s episode of Krush Performance, we take a look at the return of pro sports and we consider those who don’t get to play. From the grassroots right up to the Minor Pro Leagues, we are missing entire seasons. This has been a challenging time for everyone in and around sport.

We are joined by Dave Turgeon, AA Manager for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to player development and performance that goes well beyond baseball and even beyond sport. It’s about human performance.

We discuss how can you “Win the Wait.” Your sport and your life may be on hold but trust us when we say, right now your development can soar! How do you stay motivated and focused on the right things and why is finding Balance so important?

Get set for a powerful conversation on human development on this week’s episode of Krush Performance!

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Krush Performance - Featuring Jeff Krushell

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