The Performance Plan

I have one question: How do we make you better?

If you are ready, let’s make today the day we start connecting the dots to figure it all out.

In this episode, I take you on as if you were one of our clients and introduce you to the Krush Performance Plan Process. This is the system we use to identify the best strategies to not only impact your performance right now but raise your ceiling of potential in the long game of performance development.

When I take on a client: an athlete, a team or an organization, I create a Performance Plan by working through a step by step process that gets everyone on the same page of understanding.

3 Key Measures

  • Understanding of the true priorities for achieving top performance.
  • Understanding where we are going and more importantly where we are at right now.
  • Understanding of what needs to be done to impact your performance right now while at the same time raise your ceiling of potential moving forward.

The Performance Plan Process is like planning a trip. I’ll discuss the importance of clearly defining your destination and even more importantly clearly understanding exactly where you are at right now.

So, if you are ready, let’s start getting answers to that all-important question: “How do we make you better?”

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Krush Performance - Featuring Jeff Krushell

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