The Krush Brain Game – Perception & Reality

There are over 100 billion neurons in the human brain all working away to make us who we are. While we are just scratching the surface in our understanding of how the brain really works, we could be on the very doorstep of some of the most exciting discoveries ever made.

This week on Krush Performance, it’s Episode 4 of “The Krush Brain Game” as we discuss the process of perception and how it impacts our learning, our development and our performance.
What if we could turn parts of our brain off? Wouldn’t it then make sense that we could possibly turn parts on?

I talk with Dr. Mayak Mehta, Professor and Researcher at the UCLA Department of Neurology, The Department of Physics and Astronomy, and The Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering, about all of this and how virtual reality may very well turn out to be the porthole to the Brain.

It is a powerful episode of the Krush Brian Game. Pass it on, share it, and let’s all work to get a little bit better.

Krush Performance - Featuring Jeff Krushell

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