The Hockey Offseason – Like No Other!

Let’s get set for the return of sport!
We are heading into what looks like a fairly regular summer and hopefully a normal sporting landscape this fall. In a normal year, for our hockey players, we would be well into our off-season training but we CANNOT treat this summer as if it were a normal off-season.

No matter what sport you play or compete in, what are the consequences of missing an entire competitive season?
We have never been through this before but we do know that we cannot treat this summer off-season as if it were normal.

Today we are discussing a strategy for attacking this hockey offseason and talk with Joel Jackson, Strength and Conditioning Coach at Competitive Thread. Joel just published a great article, “Movin’ On Up: Stair Conditioning for Hockey Players.” It is a great article looking at how stair training can be a great tool for hockey players.
I’ll talk with Joel about cross-training and setting up your plan for this off-season.

Then, I talk with Doug Crashley, Founder of Crash Conditioning. Doug and his team work with hockey players at all levels of the game. We discuss the impact of missing an entire season and the importance of addressing both the athlete and the player as we get set for the upcoming season.

It’s a true performance episode of Krush Performance as we get set for the return of sport.

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