The Fountain Of Youth – Deep Sleep & How You Can Get More Of It!

Why are we having so many issues getting a great sleep.
What you can do to sleep better RIGHT NOW!

Stay younger, perform better, and be healthier. It all revolves around the quality of your sleep. “Every single disease of the elderly is attached to lack of sleep, deep sleep in particular.”

No one escapes this planet without aging in some form. For our athletes, it’s about prolonging your career and being at a higher state of readiness each and every day but the implications of quality sleep or poor sleep go well beyond sport into everyday life. If there is one thing that you can do to improve health, your aging process, and your daily performance, sleep is that one silver bullet that will unlock a healthier lifestyle.

I talk with scientist, author, speaker, CEO, and Co-Founder of ChiliSleep, Tara Youngblood. It’s one thing to research a problem. It’s another to explain why a problem occurs but it’s a whole new ball game when you do all of this and then go the extra distance to discover and provide a tangible solution.

We also discuss the dark side of over-the-counter sleep aids, how you can quiet your brain to get quality sleep and we will lay out the recipe for getting quality sleep right now and every night moving forward.

Sleep is a skill.
It takes some work but it is well worth the effort. The return on your investment is priceless!

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