Technology, Doping & Fall Sport Returns

Equipment technology is pushing human performance to new heights. Is it unfair? Unnatural? How much should we regulate the influence of equipment on sport performance?

I talk with Kelly Hodgson from United Sport and Cycle about the influence of technology on performance and what new technology can you get your hands on right now!

As fall sport returns, it’s time for a serious discussion on the implications of returning to sport post COVID.  I’m also joined with Manny Schmidt, NHLPA Certified Player Agent and Founder and CEO of Link Management. What do we all need to be thinking about to reduce the risk of injury, performance burnout and to maximize our development and performance? Athlete development is a LONG game and if there was ever a time to implement patients in sport this may be it.

Finally, we’ll be spinning the incredible music from one of our favorite bands, The Whale and the Wolf.


Krush Performance - Featuring Jeff Krushell

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