Talent & Talent Identification – The Big Summary

Do we really understand what talent is? Are we approaching talent development in the best way? What if my answer to both questions is a flat-out NO. We do not really understand talent and we are horrible when it comes to talent identification.

We spent a good part of 2021 digging into Talent and Talent ID talking with some of the best people in the world. This week, we wrap it all up with Krush Hall of Famer, Dr. Joe Baker, Sport Science Researcher from York University.

One thing that has become clear over this last year, we need to better understand what exactly talent is. Could it be a moving target as it is constantly changing as an athlete progresses and moves through a developmental system? There is an important difference between skill and talent and how we address these within our programming and organizations. This week we review all of the incredible conversations we had over this last season, and we break down where we are at in our understanding of talent and talent identification. We have a lot of work to do, last year has given us some serious direction and this week we sum it all up, connect the dots and discuss where we need to go next.

Could it be we need to eliminate “talent” from the conversation altogether? Find out this week as we wrap up our conversation on Talent and Talent ID.

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