Performance Mindset, The Krush Top Gifts For the Athlete, & 2021 NBA Preview

Are you in control of your thoughts or do your thoughts control you?
In these challenging times, it is extremely easy to slip into a negative thought pattern, it’s hard not to. However, there are strategies you can use to get control your thoughts and your actions.

Being aware is step number one.
Number two is taking action, understand what you control, what is out of your control, and then work to control the controllables.

We talk with sport psychology specialist, John Stevenson of Zone Performance, about some of the strategies he is using with his clients and professional athletes to not just get through these tough times but to totally kick ass and take advantage of the opportunities they present.

“We don’t control the uncontrollable but we definitely have control over how we choose to respond to the uncontrollable.”
“Mental toughness is what you choose to focus on!!”

Plus, we kick off the show with a rundown of the Krush Things to watch as we set up the NBA season and we kick off our top ten gift ideas for the athlete this holiday season.

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