Organizational & Team Performance #1

Over the ages, the concept of “Tribe” and “Community” has been etched into our DNA. We just are not complete as individuals. We are, however, completed by the people who are around us. Personally, and professionally, we need other people to make us whole.
The trick is getting the right people.

The idea of team chemistry has been considered elusive and undefinable but when you take a closer look, it is critical to team and organizational performance, this is exactly what we are about to do.

On this week’s episode of Krush Performance, we begin our deep dive into our 2022 Theme: Organizational and Team Performance. I cannot think of a better way to kick it all off than a conversation with Joan Ryan, acclaimed journalist and author of 5 books including, “Intangibles: Unlocking The Science And Soul Of Team Chemistry”.

Get set as we work to crack the code on organizational and team performance and the elusive concept of “Team Culture” is a perfect place to start. “Culture trumps strategy every time.”

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Krush Performance - Featuring Jeff Krushell

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