Money Can’t Buy You Love. Or Can it?

It’s true, Money can’t buy love. But, can it buy you wins?

In sport we have teams with Massive Payrolls who just can’t seem to buy a win. Then, there are the smaller market, smaller payroll teams who, maybe out of necessity, have found ways to compete with the big spenders.

This week on Krush Performance we look at the business of sport and ask that question: Does Big Money Equal Big Wins? We breakdown team payrolls in all of the major sports to see if indeed money equals “W’s” in the win column.

And are we about to see the largest player contract in the history of sport? It’s very possible. We look at the player, and all of the biggest contracts in sport and let’s talk about what this groundbreaking contract might look like.

At the start of the baseball season, I made a Bold Prediction: “All will be as it should be by the All-Star Break.” We’ll have a look at Major League Baseball and see if my prediction is even in the Ballpark as we breakdown the big winners coming out of the first half of the baseball season.

Which franchises are getting it done and how are they making it happen?
Money might not buy you love but could it get you a few W’s in the win column?

Krush Performance - Featuring Jeff Krushell

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