From the Top – Construction of a Performance Culture

It is one thing to be talented or to have talent, but it is a very different thing to have an environment where talent can reach its true potential.
Great talent does not always equal great results. What does a performance environment look like? What is it, exactly, that makes an environment conducive to achieving top performance? Why is it that some athletes thrive, grow, and develop in one environment but struggle and stall in another?

I talk with Chris Woodward, Manager of the Texas Rangers. After a great playing career and coaching career, Chris is now challenged with helping their players perform at their very best in one of the most competitive leagues in the world.

This is one of the most powerful Krush Conversations we have ever had. It’s Like a Masterclass on building performance environments!

We talk with Chris about:

  • Expectations & Accountability
  • The Secret Sauce – helping players connect the dots
  • Safety & Love
  • Defining Fun
  • I don’t care if you fail….how does that work?
  • Creating Fearless – there is nothing more powerful
  • Process Stats – the numbers that drive performance

Thanks to Chris for his incredible insight!

Krush Performance - Featuring Jeff Krushell

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